Spezialseminar zur theoretischen Physik

Thermodynamik und statistische Physik

  1. Black hole heat engine
  2. Quantum statistics: Is there an effective fermion repulsion or boson attraction?
  3. Simple thermodynamics of jet engines
  4. Thermodynamics of heating a room
  5. Simple model to estimate the contribution of atmospheric CO2 to the Earth's greenhouse effect
  6. The apparent "super-Carnot" efficiency of hurricanes: Nature's steam engine versus the steam locomotive
  7. A close examination of the motion of an adiabatic piston
  8. Kramers-Kronig, Bode, and the meaning of zero
  9. The unreasonable effectiveness of equilibrium theory for interpreting nonequilibrium experiments
  10. Random numbers and random matrices: Quantum chaos meets number theory
  11. Random walk with shrinking steps
  12. Fermi and Bose pressures in statistical mechanics
  13. Capture of the lamb: Diffusing predators seeking a diffusing prey

Feldtheorie, (Viel)Teilchenphysik

  1. A question of mass
  2. Classical Yang-Mills theory
  3. Six easy roads to the Planck scale
  4. The Planck mass and the Chandrasekhar limit
  5. Quantum cosmology for pedestrians
  6. Relativistic aspects of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics
  7. Renormalization of a model quantum field theory
  8. The origin of the phase in the interference of Bose-Einstein condensates
  9. The solution of the Dirac euation for a high square barrier
  10. Why i?
  11. The Jahn-Teller effect
  12. Kaluza-Klein unification and the Fierz-Pauli weak-field limit
  13. Noether's theorem for local gauge transformations
  14. Poincare's proof of the quantum discontinuity of nature


  1. Canonical transformation to energy and tempus in classical mechanics
  2. Dynamics and (de)localization in a one-dimensional tight-binding chain
  3. When action is not least
  4. Steppingstones in Hamiltonian dynamics
  5. The domino effect
  6. Explicit gauge covariant Euler-Lagrange equation
  7. Analogy between one-dimensional chain models and graphene
  8. Alternative derivation of the relativistic contribution to perihelic precession
  9. Phase-plane analysis of perihelion precession and Schwarzschild orbital dynamics
  10. Hannay angle study of the Foucault pendulum in action-angle variables
    A persistent error in action-angle treatment of Hamiltonian mechanics
  11. Multiple time scale methods for adiabatic systems
  12. Dispersion-free linear chains
  13. Classical degeneracy and the existence of additional constants of motion


  1. The uncertainty principle for energy and time 1
    The uncertainty principle for energy and time 2
  2. Bell's theorem without inequalities
  3. Bell's theorem and the causal arrow of time
  4. John S. Bell's concept of local causality
  5. The EPR paradox, Bell's inequality, and the question of locality
  6. What Bell proved: A reply to The EPR paradox, Bell's inequality, and the question of locality
  7. Quantum mechanical sum rules for two model systems
  8. Supersymmetry in quantum mechanics
  9. Supersymmetry,shape invariance, and exactly solvable potentials
  10. Supersymmetry-inspired WKB approximation in quantum mechanics


  1. Dynamic interpretation of Maxwell's equations
  2. Surprises in the multipole description of macroscopic electrodynamics
  3. Wave packet propagation into a negative index medium
  4. Critical dipoles in one, two, and three dimensions
  5. Abraham-Lorentz versus Landau-Lifshitz
  6. The Casimir effect from a condensed matter perspective
  7. Essentials of the Casimir force
  8. Einstein on mass and energy + Mass versus relativistic and rest masses
  9. Hidden momentum, field momentum, and electromagnetic impulse