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Sonderforschungsbereich 555
Complex Nonlinear Processes


Sfb 555

Project C3:
Synchronization in Systems with Time Delay

Statistical Physics/Theory of Chaos

Nonlinear Dynamics

Department of Physics, University of Potsdam

Phone Number
(+49-331) 977-
Room Number
Building 1.19
Email Address
Prof. Dr. Arkady Pikovsky 1472 4.31 pikovsky/AT/stat.physik.uni-potsdam.de
PD Dr. Michael Rosenblum
Marlies Path (Secretary) 1628 4.26 marlies/AT/stat.physik.uni-potsdam.de
Malte Siefert 1480 4.32 siefert/AT/stat.physik.uni-potsdam.de
Denis Goldobin 1480 4.32 goldobin/AT/stat.physik.uni-potsdam.de

Description of Research

The Sonderforschungsbereich (Sfb) 555 is a cooperation between seven universities and research institutes in Berlin and Potsdam. Financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), it started its work in 1998. In our project (C3), we investigate synchronization properties of systems with time delay. Our current research follows these directions:
  1. Delay effects in noisy systems
  2. Controlling synchronization with time delay
  3. Finding time delay from data

Recent publications

 N. Tukhlina,  M. Rosenblum, A. Pikovsky, and J. Kurths Feedback suppression of neural synchrony by vanishing stimulation, Physical Review E, 75,  011019, 2007.


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Andreas H. Pawlik and Arkady Pikovsky Control of oscillators coherence by multiple delayed feedback Physics Letters A, 358, n. 3, 181-185 (2006)
Denis S. Goldobin and Arkady Pikovsky Antireliability of noise-driven neurons Phys. Rev. E 73, 061906 (2006)
Arkady Pikovsky and Philip Rosenau Phase Compactons Physica D 218, 56-69 (2006)
Denis S. Goldobin and Arkady Pikovsky Effects of Delayed Feedback on Kuramoto Transition Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. 161, 43-52 (2006)
Philip Rosenau and Arkady Pikovsky Phase Compactons in Chains of Dispersively Coupled Oscillators Phys. Rev. Lett., 94, 174102 (2005)
R. Zillmer and A. Pikovsky Continuous approach for the random-field Ising chain Phys. Rev. E, 72, 056108 (2005)
Denis S. Goldobin and Arkady Pikovsky Synchronization and desynchronization of self-sustained oscillators by common noise Phys. Rev. E, 71, 045201 (2005)
Denis S. Goldobin and Arkady Pikovsky Synchronization of self-sustained oscillators by common white noise Physica A 351, 126-132 (2005)
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M. Rosenblum and A. Pikovsky Delayed feedback control of collective synchrony: An approach to suppression of pathological brain rhythms Phys. Rev. E, 70, n. 4, 041904 (2004)
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