10 Selected Publications of Michael Rosenblum

B. Kralemann, A. Pikovsky, and M. Rosenblum,
Reconstructing effective phase connectivity of oscillator networks from observations
New Journal of Physics,
16, 085013, 2014

B. Kralemann, M. Frühwirth, A. Pikovsky, M. Rosenblum, T. Kenner,  J. Schaefer, and M. Moser,
In vivo cardiac phase response curve elucidates human respiratory heart rate variability,
Nature Communications,
4, p. 2418, 2013
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M.G. Rosenblum and A.S. Pikovsky,
Self-organized quasiperiodicity in oscillator ensembles with global nonlinear coupling,
Physical Review Letters,
98,  p. 064101, 2007.

M.G. Rosenblum and  A.S. Pikovsky,
Controlling synchrony in ensemble of globally coupled oscillators,
Physical Review Letters,
92,  p. 114102, 2004.
About this paper:  Physics News, Number 673 #1, Feb 18, 2004

M.G. Rosenblum and A.S. Pikovsky,
Detecting direction of coupling in interacting oscillators,
Physical Review E,
64, p. 045202, 2001.

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P. Tass, M.G. Rosenblum, J.Weule, J. Kurths, A.S. Pikovsky, J.Volkmann, A.Schnitzler, and H.-J.Freund,
Detection of n:m Phase Locking from Noisy Data: Application to Magnetoencephalography,
Physical Review Letters,
81, pp. 3291-3294, 1998.
About this paper: Physics Today, March 1999, pp. 17-19.

C. Schäfer, M.G. Rosenblum, J. Kurths, and H.-H. Abel,
Heartbeat Synchronized with Ventilation,
392 (6673), pp. 239-240, 1998.

P.Ch. Ivanov, M.G. Rosenblum, C.-K. Peng, J. Mietus, S. Havlin, H.E. Stanley, and A. L. Goldberger,
Scaling Behavior of Heartbeat Intervals Obtained by Wavelet-Based Time Series Analysis,
383, pp. 323-327, 1996.

A. Pikovsky, M. Rosenblum, and J. Kurths,
Synchronization. A Universal Concept in Nonlinear Sciences,
Cambridge University Press
, 2001.

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