Michael Rosenblum

Synchronization and Time Series Analysis

Statistical Physics / Theory of Chaos Group
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Potsdam

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  • Synchronization

    • phase synchronization of chaotic oscillators

    • control of synchrony, application to deep brain stimulation

    • large ensembles, partial synchrony, chimera states

    • synchronization in biological systems

  • Time series analysis:

    • synchronization approach to multivariate data, with application to
      - cardiorespiratory interaction
      - brain activity

    • phase estimation, inference of phase dynamics

    • connectivity problem, network reconstruction


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DAMOCO: Matlab software for data analysis using coupled oscillator models

Running projects


    Postal Address:

     apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Rosenblum 
     Statistical Physics/Theory of Chaos 
     Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
     Potsdam University 
     Karl-Liebknecht Str 24-25
     14476 Potsdam, Germany

        (+49-331) 977-1604 
        (+49-331) 977-5947

      Office: Campus Golm, Bld 28, Room 2.128

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