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Institut für Physik und Astronomie
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Numerical differentiation

Here, is a small piece of code for numerical differentiation. It implements the four methods described in the numerical differentiation paper: M. Abel and K. Ahnert: Numerical differentiation: local versus global methods. Comp. Phys. Comm., 177 (10), 764-774, (2007). For further informations on how to compile the source see the readme.txt or write me an email.



Alex is C/C++ library for mathematical computation. It provides several routines for the every day use of a physicst.

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Aceqt is a small tool for nonparametric regression. It comes along with an graphical interface and several smoothing and regression techniques. It is not maintained any more.


Game Of Life

Game of Life Is a small simulation of the game of life. It was just made for fun. The Game of Life is a cellular automaton with very simple rules. Each cell can be live or dead and the transition between two time steps are defined by four simple rules. Many patterns may arise in The Game of Life, including blinkers - oscillatory patterns, gliders - moving patterns and stationary patterns.



Spiral wave in a phase oscillator lattice A simulation of a two dimensional lattice of phase oscillators. The coupling is nearest neighbourhood coupling and contains dissipative as well as dispersive terms.


Animations with gnuplot

Animation of the Lorenz attractor with gnuplot An easy way to create an animation in an application is gnuplot. It is extremly easy to use. In you will find an C/C++ sample for the animation of a linear oscillator and in an animation of theLorenz system. All you have to do now, to see the animation is to compile the source files and then pipe the output of the program into gnuplot.

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Generating a scale free network with the Barabasi-Albert model

This little demo generates a scale free network with the Barabasi-Albert model and calculates the degree distribution.


Please note: The source code of these programs may be buggy. On my PC it works, but I did not checked every line. If you find errors, or if you have questions, please mail me.