Advances in the collective
behaviour of complex systems!

Scope and goals

Statistical Physics and Theory of Chaos

University of Potsdam

September 1 to 3, 2016

The goal of the meeting is to bring together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds who share a common interest in the theory and applications of collective behaviour in complex systems. We invite you and your colleagues to participate at the meeting. We base our programme on several top-level invited lectures and want to encourage discussion with the leading experts in the world during poster sessions.

and the Center for Dynamics of Complex Systems of the University of Potsdam .

Advances in the collective behaviour of complex systems is organized by:

Invited Speakers

V. Afraimovich, Mexico R. Livi, Italy M. Rabinovich, USA
H. Chaté, France Yu. Maistrenko, Ukraine P. Rosenau, Israel
H. Daido, Japan C. Masoller, Spain A. Nepomnyashchy, Israel
S. Fishman, Israel G. Osipov, Russia U. Parlitz, Germany
R. Kapral, Canada E. Ott, USA L. Tsimring, USA
J. Kurths, Germany D. Pazo, Spain A. Witt, Germany
H. Herzel, Germany S. Ruffo, Italy M. Zaks, Germany